Saudi ambassador fetes Zambian Muslim brethren


SAUDI Arabian generous hospitality was on full display at the refurbished Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka last evening where the kingdom’s ambassador to this country, Ali Saad Alkahtani hosted a sumptuous feast for his Zambian muslim brethren.

The eat and drink gathering guested over 150 prominent Lusaka-based Muslim leaders as well as ordinary believers who sat side-by-side to share the meal.

The menu featured grilled mutton on rice, finger licking marinated t-bone, Biryan rice, samoosas among other sumptuous delicacies that could easily lead one to accidentally bite their tongue or fingers.

A wide range of sweet course edibles including cake, ice cream and Vitamin C rich fruits completed the menu.

A fortnight ago, Muslims across the globe embarked on a month-long fasting ritual to observe the holy month of Ramadan.

During the fasting month, mature and healthy Muslims are expected to abstain from food, drink and intimate bedroom pleasures from dawn to sunset while cultivating good habits and character.

Providing food for a fasting person at the time of breaking the fast is considered a virtuous act and is highly encouraged amongst Muslims as taught by the Prophet Muhammad.

In adhering to this teaching, ambassador Alkahtani accompanied by Saudi Arabian religious attache based in South Africa Muhammad Ashur, led embassy staff in treating the taste buds of his guests to some sumptuous middle east cuisines on the 15th day of Ramadan.

Donning an immaculate white thawb and a marching headscarf pinned to his head by a black ring, ambassador Alkahtani stood at the entrance of the banquet hall to personally shake the hand of every person that honored his invite.

When no empty seat could be seen in the banquet hall, the director of ceremonies, Sheikh Dawud sounded the azaan to signal the fourth prayer that it was time for fourth of the five daily Islamic prayers called Magrib which concides with time to breakfast.

After collectively performing the obligatory Magrib prayer which involves three bows and six prostrations in submission to the greatness of Allah, ambassador Alkahtani led his guests to neatly arranged cheffing dishes to ensure that they were all deprived of their contents.

But try as the might, the gathering was no match for the food on the night – they ate to their satisfaction but more man power was needed to render the cheffing dishes completely empty.

The Saudi embassy also used the occasion to launch a five tone date distribution exercise to fasting Muslims across Zambia.

Kalemba March 25, 2024


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