New ZNS soldiers to boost winter maize, banana production – Solochi


FOLLOWING the pass out of 665 new ZNS soldiers, the Zambia National Service (ZNS) commander Lt Gen Maliti Solochi says the officers will boost manpower in implementing and achieving it’s agricultural targets such us winter maize and mass banana production.

He said this during 26th ZNS recruits pass out parade held at Chiwoko training school in Chipata district, Eastern province.

Solochi stated that the increase in manpower levels at ZNS positions the service as a much more effective developmental tool to government.

“Our command will leverage these numbers to increasingly direct our efforts to the full exploitation of available land in agriculture.” Added Solochi said.

He reiterated presidential directive to the service in planting maize and producing affordable mealie meal that will sustain the people of the nation amidst the drought.

However, the commander noted that his command will not only focus on winter maize farming but will also engage in mass banana production looking to make Zambia the biggest exporter in the region.

“We will not only meet our 1,978 hectares of winter maize production but also actuallise the mass production of bananas at the newly established ZNS LISUTU in Chirundu to cut down on importing.” he explained.

“We aim to strengthen our country’s capacity to be self-sufficient in a number of field crops so that we turn our country into a net exporter of many agricultural products.”

Solochi said the addition to the number of service personnel is not only beneficial to ZNS but to the nation because the pass out signifies the commitment of service and inductees to the Zambian people.

“Our desire is to have a defence force that is agile and responsive to the needs of the Zambian people,” he added. “ensure that you foster a culture of hard work, please professionalism and integrity as you serve”.

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By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba March 20, 2024


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