Clever counterfeiter not so wise


A BRAZEN attempt to flood the streets with funny money ended disappointingly for a 26 year old counterfeiter who was apprehended in Kalingalinga Compound last night with Kwacha notes having the same serial number.

Given Kavungu hailing from Libala South, now faces the music after a mobile money operator spotted his counterfeit K100 notes – a wad of identical bills of K1500 that reeked of forgery.

Kavungu, reportedly approached a mobile money booth with the fake loot, trying to deposit it into his mobile account.

The plan was basically to leave the fake money in the hands of the mobile money agent while he retains clean money electronically.

However, Kalulu cannot be clever always, even a Tortoise has its day to shine.

Not realizing a watchful eye guarded the gatekeeper of digital currency, the mobile money transaction operator, saw through the notes even though it was dark and raised the alarm.

Only God served the young man from a lesson 101 in corporal punishment which could have taken him straight to the land of his ancestors after people gathered around him following the discovery.

Kavungu’s night of ill-gotten gains turned from “Milk mailo ni sour” and like Dreamz Music’s “Single” he was given lone one-way trip behind bars under the surveillance of cops quick to tell him seluka munsapato, choka mu belt ( remove your shoes and belt).

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale confined the arrest to Kalemba.

Mwale disclosed that the authorities are now following the paper trail, determined to unearth the source of this counterfeit fountain.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba March 16, 2024


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