My spiritual son committed a sin which I don’t support – Kandesha


ANATOTH Family Ministries overseer, Pastor O’Brian Kandesha who has been accused of marrying off a fellow clergyman to two different women in seven months says he does not support polygamy.

On Monday, Pastor Penias Mbewe of Miracle Pool Bedsider Church was in the Matero Local court to divorce his heavily pregnant wife saying she was a jealous and distrusting woman.

As for her part, Josephine said she was surprised that Pastor Mbewe was married off to another woman by Pastor Kandesha, the spiritual father of her husband despite him knowing about her marriage.

Josephine said her husband took advantage of her absence at church to get his spiritual father bless his marriage to a prayer warrior identified as Margaret Makondo.

But in reacting to the story that was published after the hearing, Pastor Kandesha clarified that he was not present during the proceedings of the divorce case like was reported.

Pastor Kandesha explained that as far as he knew, Pastor Mbewe who get referred to as his spiritual son had divorced a woman to whom he had been married to for 10 years.

The clergyman insisted that he was never aware of Pastor Penias’ marriage to Josephine that is why he went ahead to introduce them the congregation in readiness for wedding that was due to take place tomorrow.

According to Pastor Kandesha, Josephine was not the wife of his spiritual son but a merely a woman he had made pregnant outside wedlock.

Pastor Kandesha said he neither supports polygamy nor fornication that is why he canceled all the arrangements involving Pastor Mbewe after learning of the love triangle.

“I cannot defend polygamy, I cannot sin,” he said.

He explained that Pastor Mbewe was a human being who was prone to error but that most important thing was for him to repent and make things right before God.

Pastor Kandesha said he was not in support of the sin his spiritual son had committed although he said he was ready to help him became better person.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba March 15, 2024


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