Load shedding a necessary evil – VJ


VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has described the ongoing load shedding being implemented by Zesco as a necessary evil.

However, the statesman thinks Zesco should religiously stick to the load shedding schedule to allow citizens plan properly..

In a statement yesterday, the 80-year old former diplomat and minister fondly known as VJ pointed out that “load shedding as a necessary evil even though it was something not pleasant to do”.Mwaanga, however called for reduced dependence on hydro power for Zambia, which is heavily dependent on rains.

“It (Load shedding) is grossly inconvenient, disrupts our lives and leads to loss of income by the utility company Zesco.”

“We have been on this road before. Tragically, it is caused by climate change, which has adversely affected several countries in our region.” added VJ.

He said top Scientists warned about El Nino effect for years, “but we did not take them seriously. They have now concluded that our globe experienced the hottest year on record in 2023, reaching 1.77 degrees.”

VJ noted that the scarcity of rain has led to a major drop in water levels in Kariba Dam,Kafue River and elsewhere, making it practically impossible to generate enough electricity for the country’s mines, industries and households.

“Zesco has come up with a loadshedding schedule for the country to share this national burden. The important thing now is for Zesco to honour this schedule religiously,” he said.

“They must do what ESKOM the electricity utility company in South Africa does and that is to keep to the advertised schedules, so that people can plan their daily lives better.”

Meanwhile the statesman called for reduction in the country’s dependence on hydro power, which is heavily dependent on rains.

“Attracting foreign investors in clean renewable energy, is the way to go,” Mwaanga added.

“It is gratifying that this process has now started and will undoubtedly yield positive results. For now, I am afraid to say that load shedding is a necessary evil.”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba March 14, 2024


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