Police foil “mealie-meal mirage” in Kamwala South


THE Scotching February sun this season had nothing on the hit which came with the police raid as officers descended upon a location in Kamwala South to bust a scam were fake mealie-meal was being produced.

Many may begin to wonder on how mealie-meal can be fake, well the culprits were buying meali-meal and mixing it with maize brans.

This scheme turned them into instant magicians – turning one bag of mealie-meal into two and later selling it for double the profit.

Police acted after a tip-off from concerned members of the public that unknown people were selling mealie meal mixed with maize bran which was packed in labeled 25 Kg mealie meal bags.

Around 09:30 hours, officers moved in and raided a house located near Kamwala South Market.

But before the police could apprehend the culprits with their hands of law and order, the tricksters utilised the open space and scampered in all directions leaving two buyers behind.

The two were apprehended for questioning to assist the officers as investigations continues.

“650 bags of fake 25 Kg mealie meal labeled Good Milling were confiscated in the process and two people were arrested who claimed to be buyers while the owners of the house ran away,” Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale told Kalemba.

Mwale revealed that the two suspects said they paid K105,000 for the fake bags of Mealie meal and were destined for Sinazongwe District in Southern Province.

He said the two have been apprehended and detained in police custody while investigations heighten as they search for the masterminds.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba March 3, 2024


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