DEC nets businessmen, counterfeiter, and cannabis trafficker in Northern Province


THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Zambia’s Northern Province has made significant strides in cracking down on illegal activities, apprehending individuals involved in various offenses.

DEC assistant public relations officer,  Sydney Katanga, disclosed the arrest of two businessmen, Christopher Musonda (40) and Chimwemwe Musonda (40), both residents of Lungu village. 

The duo is accused of illegally possessing government medicines and counterfeit US dollars. 

Investigations revealed their involvement in procuring medicines from undisclosed individuals and distributing them in Kasama, surrounding health districts, and even across the Tanzanian border.

In a separate operation, DEC apprehended Prudence Mulenga (31) from Chilabombwe district. 

She faces charges of possessing counterfeit US dollars (amounting to $6,300) and trafficking in loose cannabis (2 grams). 

Authorities believe Mulenga operated a makeshift counterfeiting laboratory in her residence with her husband, who is currently at large. 

 “he is currently on the run while through our search, we uncovered an array of chemicals and materials suspected to have been utilised to produce counterfeit currency.”

Another suspect, Felix Musonda (45) from Kasonde Chisuna village, was apprehended by the commission for trafficking in two cannabis cobs weighing 1.3 kilograms.

All the arrested individuals have been charged and await their court appearances. 

By Elesani Phiri 


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