Floods of tears in Makeni as Muslims cry for rains


MUSLIMS in Lusaka this afternoon flooded the grounds of Makeni Islamic Society Trust with their tears as they emotionally begged the Owner of the Heavens to open up the nimbus clouds and pour beneficial rains on Zambia and the surrounding regions.


Scores of belivers gathered directly under the scorching sun and sweated profusely as they bowed and prostrated in submission to God before suplicating for the rains.

Leading the gathering, Imaam Talha Motola pointed out that while there were plenty of reasons that could cause God to withhold rains, sinfulness in form of sexual immorality and shunning from giving charity were top on the list.

Motala encouraged the congregants to seek forgiveness for their own sins and also pray for others in absensure for God to have mercy on the community.

“When sexual immorality becomes rampant, God withholds rains until people have repented. And as far as sexual immorality goes, we have heard, we have seen and we have read about its extent in our communities,” Motola said.

The imam encouraged believers to own up on their sins and not blame anyone for the consequences until they repented to God, pointing out that without repentenace they may miss out on God’s favours.

He said lack of rains had made situation dire leading to destroyed crops and lack of drinking water for animals it would be disastrous if there was no intervention from God.

During the supplication, grown men and children alike wept openly as they sought forgiveness and begged God for rains.

A prolonged dry spell in most of parts of the country has led to withering of crops and threatens hunger crisis.

President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the church to pray for rains around the the country.

Muslims have heeded the call and have a series of prayer sessions lined up in the coming days.

Kalemba February 25, 2024


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