Disrupt the Ncwala and face consequences, Police warn


As the sun rises from the East to brighten the atmosphere of the Ncwala traditional ceremony today, Police have cautioned anyone with intentions to disrupt the event.

The Ncwala an annual ceremony to celebrate the harvest, holds profound cultural significance for the people of the Eastern Province.

According to Zambia Police Service (ZPS) spokesperson Rae Hamoonga the authorities had received credible intelligence of people trying to make chaos out of the celebrations.

“We take this opportunity to strongly warn against any illegal activities that may disrupt the peaceful proceedings of this traditional event,” Hamoonga stated.

The police pledged to remain vigilant to avoid any acrimony.

“Police will be actively monitoring the event, and any attempts to cause disturbances will be met with immediate intervention,” Hamoonga said.

“We urge all participants and attendees to cooperate with the authorities, allowing the Ncwala ceremony to unfold as planned without any disruptions. Your compliance to this advisory is crucial to maintain the safety and security of all individuals present”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 24, 2024


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