Armsecure security guards loot US50,000 in a cash-in-transit heist


A BRAZEN heist with a Hollywood twist has unfolded in Kasumbalesa, where two Armsecure security guards entrusted with a cool stash of US$1 million allegedly went rogue, vanishing with US$50,000.

However, their joyride was short-lived, as police swooped in, recovering a chunk of the loot and sending the suspects packing after conducting investigations.

The drama began when guards Kennedy Siame, 43, from Ndola and Wusakile based Martinanga Kennedy aged 42 in Kitwe were tasked with transporting the hefty sum from ATLASMARA Kasumbalesa to the bank’s Lusaka branch, decided to stage their own vanishing act.

Ditching their police escort in Kitwe, they allegedly pocketed a hefty chunk of the cash, leaving investigators scrambling.

But justice, it seems, had other plans.

According to Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba, the search of Siame’s Kabushi residence unearthed a hidden stash of US$18,800.

Mweemba also revealed that Kennedy’s Kitwe home wasn’t spared either, yielding a treasure trove of K6,900, $11,800, three brand new phones, and an assortment of footwear fit for a king.

The Copperbelt commanding officer stated that the security guards collected the US Dollars from Kasumbalesa without Zambia police officers whom they later picked from Kitwe after stealing the looting US$50,000 was already done in Chingola.

“It (is) worth to note that a total sum of US$30,600 plus K6,900 Zambian kwacha has been recovered and together with other recoverd items have since been kept in safe custody and investigations have continued,” added Mweemba.

Both Siame and Kennedy now find themselves behind bars with heir dreams of easy riches dashed as police continue with investigations.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 23, 2024


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