Ex-girlfriend torches lover’s nest after Valentine’s day rejection


CUPID’s arrow may have struck lovebirds across the globe on Valentine’s Day, but hearts were left charred in Lusaka’s Chelstone area as a scorned lover, Christine Kaulu, allegedly doused her former boyfriend’s house in flames, turning their love nest into ashes.

The 27-year-old Ndola resident refused to accept the bitter pill of their two-year relationship ending so she travelled from the copper rich province in hopes of rekindling their love spark on Valentine’s day

However, like Roderick Kabwe’s reaction after he was show a red card in the just ended AfCON tournament, Kaulu’s ex refused to make the mistake of allowing her back into his life as Kaulu’s pleas fell on deaf ears, leaving her burning with rejection.

The next day, while her ex was away, Kaulu allegedly turned arsonist, setting fire to the house which sheltered her through the night.

Neighbours were alarmed by smoke billowing from the locked house, witnessing flames consuming their once-romantic haven.

Zambia Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the incident.

“Further investigations revealed that the girlfriend spent a night at the man’s house and on February 15, 2024 around 07:00 hours the man left for work leaving her alone in the house,” Mwale told Kalemba

“She was instructed to leave the house keys with one of the Neighbours before leaving for Ndola. Around 17:00 hours, some people within the Neighbourhood saw smoke coming out from the said house and immediately rushed to check what was happening.”

The firebrigade came on the scene and quenched the fire but the damage was already done, with property turned to ash like Kaulu’s relationship ties with her ex as she fled the scene after her acts.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 17, 2024


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