Hichilema urges church to champion unity, food security and mindset change


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema, addressing a State Dialogue Prayer Breakfast this morning urged the church to champion unity and collaboration in tackling national challenges like food security and the aftermath of the cholera outbreak.

Recognizing the threat of climate change to food security, the President emphasized the need for government and citizens to work together.

He stressed, “Unity is not an option, it is a must,” highlighting the importance of collective action.

Praising the church’s contribution to fighting the cholera outbreak that claimed over 600 lives, the President called for continued collaboration to tackle sanitation issues and prevent future outbreaks.

He outlined plans for infrastructure development, clean water access, and replacing unsafe sanitation facilities.

The Head of State said Government is committed to work with church leaders to meet challenges that the nation faces.

“So we will work together on the challenges and we work together on the opportunities,” added President Hichilema.

In a promising development, President Hichilema announced efforts to establish domestic vaccine production capacity, including cholera vaccines, aiming to serve Zambia and the region.

Reiterating his commitment to former President Kenneth Kaunda’s vision of a united Zambia, President Hichilema urged the church to spread the message of unity across the ten provinces.

He also appealed for budget adjustments to support regions hit hard by drought.

The President emphasized the importance of attitude change, urging citizens to embrace hard work and responsible living.

He called for prayers for rain, unity, hard work, and adherence to God’s teachings.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 15, 2024


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