Economist beats tenants son for delaying to pay rentals


ALL hell broke loose after an Economist abandoned his theories and scientific calculators to rely on his fists to beat up an owing tenant’s son in Lusaka.

46 year old economist Charles Banda, hailing from Lusaka’s New Kasama was dragged to court after beating his tenant’s son because of delayed rental payments.

Banda told the court that he became harsh in pursuing payments after his wife questioned the reason why he was soft on the lady tenant compared to other tenants before hand.

His tenant Elizabeth Nakamba, 43, a Freelance journalist residing in Kamwala South described Banda as a “violent and vulgar” landlord as he produced a video of Banda in his element – insulting and acting violent.

Nankamba sued him in the Lusaka Boma Court for Reconciliation over Shop Tenantship.

She told the court that she had been renting his shop in Kamwala South since 2020 and the two had a professional smooth relationship because she would always pay her rentals before her due date which was the 15th of every month.

However, things turned sour last year after her shop started running low because of medical expenses incurred from taking care of her mother, and her husband who was admitted at Maina Soko Hospital. 

Following the responsibilities, she said she started failing to remit her k2,500 rentals on time but this was not a situation that Banda was ready to tolerate. 

Nankamba narrated  before the court that Banda allegedly activated his beast mode and started to utilise the dictionary in showering her with all manner of insulting jargon each time she delayed paying him.

She alleged that he would also attack her shop employee, and at will locking up the shop. 

“I used to pay him on the first day of each month despite entering the shop on the 15th because business was okay but now things have changed with me and if I delay by even three days he will call me saying ‘you chi big woman you are a liar’.”

Nankamba said she reported Banda to the police but he scrammed and avoided the police 

She narrated that Banda also sent through a  polices officer to close down the shop and didn’t want to receive rentals from her anymore.

“I sent him rentals, but he sent me back the money. What I just want the court to do is to help reconcile us because he can’t chase me without a warning.”

She said she needed at least a three months warning so that she could find a good spot her business,” because finding a shop to rent during the rainy season is hard and I depend on the business.” 

In his defense Banda agreed of Nakamba being a good tenant at the beginning, but alleged that after a certain man stoped paying her rentals, she started defaulting.

Banda said that her late payments brought issues in his house as his wife and children questioned him for not  removing Nankamba from the shop.

“My spouse and family started asking me why I was lenient on her, why I treated her special unlike other tenants who I actually chase whenever they  fail to pay.” 

“I can not accept her three months notice. I will accept two months instead because am tired of her, and this time, she will have to pay through someone else and not me,” said Banda.

After analysing the evidence and testimonies from both parties Magistrate Contildah Kamoni reconciled the two but also counselled Banda.

“Respect should be there between you two as tenant or Landlord. You shouldn’t even be having these issues of you assaulting her son. Anger is not good and you need to control it because even this notice [you gave] was not written.” Kamoni said.

“The court has approved the plaintiff’s plea of three months vacation warning,” said Magistrate Kamoni. 

 By Buumba Mwitumwa 

Kalemba February 14, 2024


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