Monze man beats girl to death for rejecting his love proposal


AN 18-year old pupil of Kanchomba Secondary School in the Pemba District of Southern Province has died after a man whose love proposal she turned down beat her savagely.

Covia Milambo died in the early hours of Wednesday and is being buried today.

Details of the unfortunate incident are that; on Christmas Day, Ostern Malimba Chibi aged 22 gathered some courage and approached Covia with whom stayed with in the same neighbourhood to talk her into a love affair.

But being a young girl in the last year of secondary education, Covia turned down the love proposal.

Unable to deal with rejection, Chibi resorted to violence and like a man possessed attacked the defenseless girl, kicking, slapping, punching and biting her.

After the attack, the girl nursed herself in privacy without informing anyone about the incident until she could no longer hide the pain due to the grave injuries she suffered.

She later opened up to her family members that she was attacked by Chibi who resided in the neighboring community of Kanchomba.

Covia’s family then rushed her to Monze Mission Hospital for treatment, but she unfortunately died on Wednesday morning around 04:00 hours.

University Teaching Hospital medical results suggested that the girl died if a raptured blood vessel which caused the internal bleeding into the brain that the girl suffered.

Her body was later deposited in Monze Mission Hospital mortuary with pending postmortem and examination at the time, while the family has scheduled her burial for today in Monze.

The matter was later reported to Pemba police station by the victim’s aunt, Christine Mwiinga, 50 and the suspect was immediately rearrested apprehended and is currently in police holding cells.

But according to a source, the two families are planning to settle the murder case outside Court.

“The bereaved family is demanding that the family of the offended caters for all funeral costs and will again sit to discuss and negotiate the charges,” the source told Kalemba.

The matter was confirmed to Kalemba by Southern Province Police Commanding Officer,
Auxensio Daka.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 9, 2024


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