Young eagle’s flight cut short: speed claims promising pilot and lawyer


A TRAGEDY unfolded on the Great East Road, snuffing out the spark of a young pilot and lawyer, Mubanga Mwamba Francis.

Just months after graduating top of his class at the Aero Academy, his dreams of soaring took a devastating nosedive at 23 years.

Speed, lured Mubanga’s Toyota Hilux across the center line, straight into the path of an oncoming Ministry of Health truck.

Mubanga met his fate yesterday around 15:00 hours along Great East Road at Marshlands area coming from Chelstone going into town.

The clash was brutal, metal screaming its final lament as Mubanga’s journey abruptly ended.

He was more than just a pilot in the making; he was a lawyer, a double-edged sword of justice and freedom. Both paths, forever untrodden.

According to a statement issued by Police Service Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, Mubanga was driving at high and excessive speed which caused him to loose control causing his vehicle to veer into the opposite lane.

The vehicle then collided head-on with the truck, which was approaching from the opposite direction.

Emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene in efforts to save Mubanga’s life but their prompt efforts were in vain as the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival at the health facility.

Hamoonga said that police were diligently working to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the incident while he cautioned road users to adhere to traffic regulations and exercise caution on the roads.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mubanga Mwamba Francis during this difficult time added Hamoonga.

Mubanga, the young eagle, may never grace the open sky, but his memory, etched in tragedy, should serve as a reminder: Speed is not an adventure, it’s a gamble with the most precious of stakes.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 8, 2024


  1. mwebantu can 3 big countries fail to build a rail line…..why are we contracting america to do such a small job like this.


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