Schools will open on Monday – PS Kamoko


Zambia’s Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary, Joel Kamoko has assured the nation that schools are prepared for reopening next Monday.

Following the Cholera outbreak last October, which saw 629 mortalities and a surge in cases recorded of the disease, Government postponed the reopening of schools to safeguard learners.

With a glimmer of hope, the Ministry of Health has today announced the decrease in the number of deaths.

In the last 24 hours only three people have died from the disease countrywide.

This morning on Hot FM’s Breakfast Show, Kamoko said schools are prepared for reopening on February 12.

While some older schools are undergoing upgrades, Kamoko emphasised that most are “squeaky clean” and ready to combat cholera.

Meanwhile, the PS recognized the impact of school closures on learning, and highlighted alternative options available to access school work.

Educational programmes are being broadcast on ZNBC TV, Radio 4, and community radio stations, and online resources like among other online platforms.

“When your children are home let them not just watch your TV play on the phone. Let them follow these programmes, they are available,” he added.

He urged parents to actively involve their children in these programs, emphasizing that “learning is not about the space, it’s about being able to hear something and be able to follow it.” Regular assessments will gauge students’ progress.

And to compensate for lost time, Term One will have a week holiday, while term three will have an extra week of learning.

Kamoko warned teachers against rushing through topics and expects focused instruction during the remaining period.

The PS also advised citizens that, We must not play clean, (but) we must insist on being clean, in that school space, in that home space in that market place. Everyone must know that you can’t go pretending on Saturday, Sunday that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Can we mean it.”

“Let’s clean up our country. If anything we should be walking with our heads low because we are telling our friends that we are dirty, please sympathise with us. Let us just clean up, we can kick cholera out.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 6, 2024


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