Rival side chicks fight over Chongwe Police Station Officer-In-Charge


Like the coveted AFCON trophy, Chongwe Police Station Officer in Charge, Bruce Kalomo was last Friday a prize of a ferocious fight pitting two young females competing for his mature and long lasting bedroom performance.


Interestingly, one of the fighters is a female police officer identified as Constable Rebecca Zimba who also works at Chongwe Police Station.

Suspicions about Kalomo sleeping with Rebecca had long been amongst their workmates but when a meeting was called to interrogate the officer in charge, he swore by height of Findeco House that the young Constable was no more than a niece and officer under his command.

But Fruday’s dramatic incident brought the truth to the fore and proved that after working under Kalomo at the office, the Rebecca was also working under him in the bedroom after police police duties.

According to witnessses, while others were having overnight prayers on the fateful evening, the senior cop was lubricating his gullet, enjoying intoxicating beverages with a certain Grace Musonda, believed to be his girlfriend, at Plan B Lounge.

While the officer in charge was enjoying himself in the warm embrace of the nubile Grace, hos other lover Rabecca, entered the place in the company of another man but was not happy to see her boss and sweetheart in the company of another female.

Rabecca then approached Kalomo and dragged him outside the bar so that he could explain the long division of their mathematical romantic affairs and like a true cassanova, he managed to talk her down, and they all went back to continue enjoying the night.

However, trouble began when Rabecca observed Kalomo sneak out of the bar with his Grace, and were allegedly en route to do bedroom gymnastics.

Utilising her investigative skills, Rebecca trailed the two leading to a confrontation outside the bar that eventually degenerated in a violent scuffle.

All hell broke loose, as the same teeth seen through a smile turned into a weapon of destruction, while nails became claws and hands started swiping through the air meeting the skin like a drum at traditional ceremonies.

As onlookers intervened and the combatants separated, all three ended up at Chongwe Police Station, filing complaints of assault.

“The OIC (Kalomo) was bitten on the left arm while Grace Musonda was bitten on the forehead and left side of the cheek,” Chongwe PIO Chikwanda Chilembo disclosed as he confirmed the incident in a letter

Medical attention was sought for the injured parties.

Meanwhile, concerns were raised Kalomo’s habit of socializing with junior officers and the ambiguity surrounding his relationship with Constable Zimba.

This incident has stirred public and police officer opinions, questioning his ability to address misconduct among his subordinates.

Additionally, criticisms target his frequent presence in Chongwe bars, eroding public trust in his leadership.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 4, 2024


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