Fashion Sakala remembers roots, donates 500 mealie-meal bags


HE may dance with the ball at his feet on foreign fields, but Fashion Sakala’s heart remembers the dusty pitches of Kawele Village in Eastern Zambia.

Now, a star striker lighting up the Saudi league, Sakala hasn’t forgotten the community that nurtured his dreams as he gave away 500 bags of mealie meal a staple which has expensive over the years.

The harsh realities of climate change, scorching the land and withering crops, with low rainfall among other reasons have contributed to the scarce commodity as Government tackles the crisis through the Zambia National Service’s provision of the Eagle’s mealie meal at an affordable price.

Instead of despair, Sakala channeled his success into a powerful strike against hunger donating 500 bags of mealie meal, a lifeline for families struggling to put food on the table.

“A community that made me, Kawele Village is deeply impacted by the harsh realities of climate change. Devastating the livelihoods of hardworking farmers and their Agriculture leaving many families struggling, without enough food.”

“In reflection, I can’t help but to look back where I come from and thank God for blessing me with the ability to lend a helping hand,” posted Sakala on his Facebook page.

Sakala added that his donation aims to alleviate the suffering caused by climate change,which has severely impacted the community’s hard work in farming and agriculture.

“My heart is filled with gratitude, knowing that I can be of help in bringing hope to the community that raised me,” remarked Sakala.

By Moses Makwaya 

Kalemba February 3, 2024


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