Chisamba welcomes 100 Megawatts Power Project with song and dance


RESIDENTS of Chief Chamuka’s chiefdom in Chisamba District yesterday temporarily suspended their farming activities to sing and dance to celebrate the coming of a 100 megawatts Solar Power Plant in the area.

Kariba North Bank Extension Power Corporation, a subsidiary of ZESCO Limited, yesterday broke the ground earmarked for the construction of the 100MW Solar PV Project that had been promised to transform Zambia’s electricity demads.

Speaking at the event, Kariba Northbank general manager Boyd Kachela said the project aimed at increasing power to meet demands in the country.

He said the power boost would also create jobs for the local people in the area.

“This project will prove to be critical has it is intended to contribute to addressing demands for electricity. In this regard, I remain optimistic about this project. It is not only going to contribute to this energy mix but also be an avenue for job creation for the community and the nation at large,” said Kachela.

And Zesco managing director Victor Mapani said the 100 megawatts smart energy was fast technology to get power on board.

Mapani said the project was strategically located and that it would immediately inject power into the central corridor which was a backbone network for the country.

He said the project is expected to be complete in 12 months.

Mapani thanked the Central Province management and the community for accenting the project in the area.

He said the project would continue pumping in resources in the community on corporate social responsibility to ensure that local people benefits.

“This is a significant leap in our journey toward sustainable energy solutions aimed at mitigating the hydrological issues that we are experiencing in the nation. And also over dependency on hydro power, this is coming in as a solution as well. The beauty of solar is that it is a very quick way of technology to get power on board and also it is modular, you can easily grow it in any form that you would like to have. And by leveraging our transmission network which is well spread in the country we believe we can basically expand on the solar platforms everywhere in the country swiftly,” said Mapani.

“We are proud to say that this initiative will be funded 100per cent by Kariba Norhbank Extension”

And Chief Chamuka said he was happy that his people were part of the energy solution by giving 209hector of land for the construction of the 100MW power project.

The chie urged the Kariba Northbank Extension and the contractors to consider employing local people.

He said local people did not discriminate when when giving land for the construction of Zambia’s big project.

Chief Chamuka thanked Kariba NorthBank Extension for choosing his chiefdom for the biggest power project.

“Climate change needs a smart solution and a smart solution to energy deficit requires new investment in green and clean energy,” said Chief Chamuka.

“My plea is that Zesco or KNBE should ensure that my people benefit through offering them jobs.”

Kalemba February 2, 2024


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