Suwilanji braces storms to release long-awaited album


LUSAKA’s sensational Gospel artist and pastor, Suwilanji, is set to grace the global music stage once again with her highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Mupulampako.”

Suwilanji’s voice, once a soaring songbird filling the air with gospel melodies such as hits, Mulilonshi, and Mwanjitile akale, fell silent.

Not from a lack of passion, but from a cruel twist of fate. The gospel artiste, pastor and a mother of four, found her music lost in a storm of technical woes: four attempts at recording her fourth album, each dashed by data loss, theft, and even a computer crash.

Undeterred, Suwilanji, (Mirriam Mumba) heeded the whispers of a new season.

Taking a step back, she nurtured her family, the foundation of her strength.

“With all the challenges I decided to step back and take care of my family for I am a mother of 4 children comprising three boys and one girl,” Suwilanji told Kalemba in an interview.

But the music, a fire burning within, refused to be extinguished.

When the time was right, she returned to the studio, facing challenges head-on. “Mupulampako,” the album rose from the ashes, a testament to her unwavering spirit and the power of faith.

This album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a story of resilience, a melody woven with threads of perseverance and hope.

Each track echoes the struggles, the doubts, and ultimately, the triumphant return of the songbird. “Mupulampako” promises to be an experience, not just an album, reminding us that even the sweetest melodies can emerge from the harshest storms.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary blend of worship and soul as Suwilanji unveils this musical masterpiece on February 16.

Suwilanji’s journey began with her debut album, ‘Mwanjitile Akale,’ making waves in the local Gospel scene. With subsequent releases like ‘Mulilonshi’ and ‘Ulukombo,’ Suwilanji’s music became a source of hope for those facing trials and tribulations.

Her commitment of preaching the gospel through music earned her international recognition and Awards like the Mukuba Awards and Zambia Music Best Female Award.

This fourth album, “MUPULAMPAKO,” Features 10 tracks transcending the limits of urban African gospel music, fusing worship and soul with mellow vibes and uplifting praise.

From themes of grace and love to spiritual growth and repentance, Suwilanji’s melodic storytelling promises a worship experience like no other.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 1, 2024


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