Mweetwa grades Hichilema, says he passed midterm, Lungu flunks


CORNELIUS Mweetwa, Zambia’s Chief Government Spokesperson, has declared President Hakainde Hichilema eligible for another term.

Addressing reporters in Monze, Mweetwa compared the President’s performance to a student who scores above 50%, stating, “President HH has qualified to graduate for another term in 2026 based on his performance.”

This statement comes in response to former President Edgar Lungu’s recent remarks criticizing the current administration and calling for early elections. 

Mweetwa dismissed Lungu’s claims, asserting that the UPND government “has pushed far beyond the 50 percent mark” on fulfilling its electoral promises.

He challenged Lungu’s credibility, questioning his claims of being in talks with the UPND’s former sponsors. 

“Looking up to president Lungu for leadership is very dangerous,” Mweetwa declared, accusing the former leader of misleading the public with “lies.”

The press briefing highlighted contrasts between the current and previous administrations. 

Mweetwa emphasised the new government’s focus on service, contrasting it with the PF’s alleged misuse of funds. 

He further defended President Hichilema’s foreign travels, claiming they bring tangible benefits unlike Lungu’s “fruitless” trips with large delegations.

In a final jab at the opposition, Mweetwa urged Lungu and his party to “have a sense of shame” for blaming the current problems on others. 

He expressed confidence that Zambians will favour President Hichilema for another term based on his “reconstruction” efforts and commitment to peace.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 1, 2024


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