Monze ZNS Milling plant creates local jobs, affordable mealie meal


THE Monze Zambia National Service (ZNS) Milling Plant is proving to be a triple threat – boosting food security, creating jobs for locals, and ensuring quality, affordable mealie-meal across the nation.

Since its 2021 launch, the plant, hailed as one of the biggest in the country, has become a vital source of employment for Monze residents and has seen the production of more than one million bags so far.

“Locals have been placed in suitable fields,” said Chief of Milling, Brigadier General Jim Kafumukache, “completely operating the plant alongside trained ZNS staff.”

Brig. Gen, Kafumukache said yesterday while Defence, and Information ministers visited the plant that they produce Breakfast, Roller, and Maize Brain mealie-meal, distributed through chain stores, defense forces, schools, and more.

He said retailers can resell with a K10 markup, encouraging bulk purchases and wider availability.

The Brigadier General said the plant sources its natural, non-GMO maize from the Food Reserve Agency, local farmers, and its own productions.

This commitment to local harvests translates to quality and affordability for consumers.

Brig, General Kafumukache further disclosed that the plant maintains a reserve for emergencies and supplies other provinces when needed.

“Our goal is not only to meet the demand of the Southern region in this country as I wish to reiterate our commitment to providing quality and affordable mealie meal in the entire country. The people of Southern love the eagle mealie meal, it finishes fast in stores, and they say it is the best, so they are enjoying it,” said Brig Gen Kafumukache

He added that ZNS also partners with other mills to ensure nationwide production and price stability.

Defence Minister Ambrose Lufuma commended the plant for empowering locals and contributing to national food security.

“This plant was strategically placed here in the Southern region, specifically because of the high farming production involved in Monze. And I am happy that we have empowering some of our locals because that is what we wanted,” said Lufuma.

And Information Minister Cornelius Mweetwa emphasised the steady maize supply, highlighting the importance of avoiding politicisation of food issues.

“So those who are suspicious of the shortage of mealie meal and importing of GMO maize for domestic consumption should know that politicizing food issues is threatening the food security. They should stop because the government is in charge and doing the right thing. And if they started the GMO issue to gain political influence, they should find another alternative,” Mweetwa said.

Meanwhile Brig. Kafumukache. Plans are underway to establish similar mills in each province, promoting growth and food security across Zambia. .
By Buumba  Mwitumwa in Monze, Southern Province
Kalemba February 1, 2014


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