DEC swoops in, nabbing suspects in dramatic Lusaka showdown


CHAOS erupted in the polished concrete jungle of a Lusaka hotel car park as the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) descended upon a trio with ties to notorious drug kingpins. 

In a scene ripped straight from an action movie, DEC officers were forced to unleash warning shots like sonic booms to quell the suspects’ desperate bid for escape.

DEC Public Relations officer Mwenga Mulenga confirmed the incident to ZNBC news.

He said DEC officers were met with resistance from the suspects whose identity was withheld for investigation purpose.Like some gentlemen are forced on Valentines dates in this month of love, the officers were also forced to issue warning shots to apprehend the suspects in the midst of their illicit drug transaction.Mulenga disclosed that the suspects were caught red-handed, their pockets brimming with what preliminary tests suggest is the notorious white powder – cocaine.He added that investigations are still in full swing but a comprehensive report will be released soon…

Kalemba February 1, 2024


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