Kakubo’s case not good example of corruption – Wynter Kabimba


STANLEY Kakubo was not involved in any act of corruption that’s why it was difficult for the President to fire him says former Defence minister Wynter Kabimba.

Former Foreign Affairs minister Kakubo was implicated in a business transaction where he was allegedly accused of corruption in December last year.

“In view of the matter that is currently in the media regarding malicious claims over a business transaction between my private family business and our business partner with whom we still have good relations, I tendered in my resignation as Minister of Foreign Affairs,” Kakubo said in a statement following the scandal

But Kabimba defended Kakubo stating he was involved in a private transaction, a contractual transaction between buyer and seller in which the state didn’t lose any money.

“The money that he recieved was not gratification. So the man was not involved in any act of corruption that is why it was difficult for the president to fire him,” Kabimba said.

“All he (President Hakainde Hichilema) had to do was to ask him to resign on moral grounds, so when you want to pick on Kakubo’s case for me I say no! It is not a good example of corruption.”

Kalemba January 31, 2024


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