Jairos guns for Public Health degree at Woodlands Uni


Mpali actor Joel Sakala Jr has just flipped the script to a new chapter enrolling at the budding Woodlands University in Lusaka to pursue degree in Public Health.


Popularly known as Jairos, the actor has swapped the silver screen for the hallowed halls of academia, embarking on a journey to delve into the fascinating world of public health.

Woodlands University College, nestled near the American Embassy in Ibex Hill, has become his new stage.

Here, Jairos isn’t just chasing after roles; he’s chasing knowledge, enrolling in a Bachelor of Public Health program.

It’s an unexpected, yet inspiring journey for an actor whose talents have graced Mpali, the local production series, and other Zambian gems on Zambezi Magic.

His decision sparked applause beyond the auditorium.

As Kalemba interacted with the Director of Admissions and Marketing at Woodlands University Lenin Banda, he beamed, as seeing stars like Jairos prioritize education was like music to his ears.

Banda said education is the surest tool one can use to deal with poverty more especially in sub-Saharan Africa as he called on other actors to follow Jairos’ lead.

Education is indeed the superhero we all need – It’s the kryptonite to poverty, the wand that casts spells of development.

In his own words, Jairos says he is excited to embark on this academic journey and he is encouraging his colleagues in the industry to value education as that will help them be more effective in the industry.

Kalemba January 30, 2024


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