Year old baby succumbs to unfortunate well accident

West New York, NJ

HEARTBREAKING news has emerged from Ntindi village in Nakonde, where a one-year-old lost his life in a neighbour’s yard well. 

Left under the supervision of his 12-year-old brother while their father sought employment, the toddler strayed into the neighbour’s property. 

Tragically, an uncovered well became the site of the accident, leading to the child’s fatal fall. 

Despite immediate rescue attempts by neighbors, the little one was pronounced brought in dead upon reaching Nakonde Urban Clinic. 

According to Chete FM, the incident was reported to the police by the grief-stricken father, and Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Paul Achiume  confirmed the somber occurrence.

By Buumba Mwitumwa, 

Kalemba, January 30, 2023


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