ACC sweats to find corruption evidence against Kakubo


ALMOST a month after launching investigations on former Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Stanley Kakubo, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is struggling to find anything to link him to graft.

Soon after resigning his ministerial position in the wake of a botched personal business transaction, the ACC announced that it had launched investigations against Kakubo.

The ACC then stormed Kakubo’s residence in Lusaka’s Woodlands area in search of corruption evidence.

But four weeks on, the Anti-graft body has found nothing incriminating on Kakubo.

“Our search at former minister’s house yielded nothing significant deapite our officers being there for an protracted duration of time. We went further and extended our checks in several other area we thought we could find something but they also came to nothing. We can’t find anything to establish a case of corruption, an ACC source told Kalemba.

During a press briefing at the ACC headquarters in Lusaka, the commission’s public relations manager refused to answer any questions related to Kakubo.

Many have argued that there was no basis for the ACC to come in as Kakubo’s case, was a private business deal in which the state did not lose any resources.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 29, 2024


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