Heavy rains forces Chama district to divorce other districts


CHAMA District is now cut off from nearby areas in Muchinga Province as a section of the Chama-Matumbo road, specifically at Luangwa bridge, has been washed away due to heavy rains.

The district faced relentless heavy rains in recent days, exacerbating the situation.

Chama District Commissioner Yobe Goma has promptly reported the issue to relevant authorities, expressing hope for swift action to address the damaged section at Luangwa bridge and restore traffic flow.

The Chama-Matumbo Road serves as a vital link for multiple districts in Muchinga Province, including Mpika, Nakonde, Isoka, and Mafinga.

This crucial economic route not only facilitates trade among these districts but also plays a pivotal role in connecting traders to goods ordered from Nakonde Border, bridging Zambia and the Republic of Tanzania.

By White Luhanga

Kalemba January 28, 2024


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