Tayali praises daughter for 6 points as Govt announces G12 results 


ZAMBIAN politician, Chilufya Tayali, took to social media to proudly share his daughter’s grade 12 examination results as the young lady obtained distinctions in all her subjects.

This comes as the government announced the overall pass rates for last year’s national exams today.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Tayali showered his daughter, Nziza, with praise for her excellent grades, emphasising her hard work and dedication, crediting both her mother and the school for their contribution in the success.

Nziza, who achieved outstanding grades obtaining the coveted six points in six subjects and nine points in her eight subjects English, 1 Religious Education, 2, Geography,1 Mathematics,1,  Additional Mathematics,1, Physics, 1, Chemistry,1 and Biology 1. 

This is no mere achievement for miss Tayali as most people obtain her results in one subject.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Douglas Syakalima released the official pass rates for the 2023 grade 12 exams. 

A total of 111,116 students out of 166,408 passed, representing a slight decrease from the previous year.

Syakalima attributed the increase in the number of registered candidates to the government’s free education policy.

“A total of 166,593 candidates registered for the 2023 school certificate examinations, representing an increase of 30.88 percent from 127,289 who registered in 2022.” revealed Syakalima.

Syakalima said out of the total registered candidates last year, 92 where from Saint Jeff’s College in South Africa.

Despite of the 166,593 registered candidates, only 166,408 sat for exams representing 80,729 boys and 82,679 girls. 

“Further, a total of 48,893 candidates obtained statement of results and 3,354 failed, while 3,093 were absent,” added the minister.

Meanwhile, Syakalima was pleased with the improvement in curbing exam malpractice. However, he noted 31 cases were reported involving 620 candidates which resulted in the suspension of two examination centers due to recurring malpractice issues.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 25, 2024 


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