Police pin down Choma business man over fake fertilizer scam


A 28-year-old businessman faces charges after being caught selling counterfeit fertilizer to farmers in Choma, Southern Province.


Southern Province, deputy police commanding officer told Kalemba that the suspect took advantage of the planting season to deceive farmers with bogus fertilizer packaged in fake brand bags.

Acting on a tip from concerned citizens, police apprehended the suspect in Muzoka township yesterday.

He was found with four 50kg bags of counterfeit fertilizer – three labeled as Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia and one as ETG Agri Input Zambia.

Initial questioning revealed the suspect claimed to have purchased the bags at Makalanguzu market.

However, he was unable to lead authorities to his supposed supplier, raising doubts about his story.

The suspect remains in police custody as investigations continue.

Authorities from ETG Agri Zambia have been notified, and Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia is expected to receive similar information soon.

The confiscated fertilizer will undergo testing to confirm its authenticity.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 26, 2023


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