MP Lubusha distributes 5,000 bags of mealie meal constituency


CHIPANGALI Member of Parliament Andrew Lubusha, is serving up a big pot of hope by providing 5,000 bags of 10kg mealie meal to families with empty stomachs rumbling.

Lubusha said Chipangali families are facing a serious hunger crisis with people surviving on whatever they can find – even wild foods.

Therefore he secured 5,000 bags of 10kg mealie meal, valued at K700,000, for distribution to families in need.

“There is serious hunger in Chipangali,” Lubusha told Kalemba. “People are surviving on depleted mangoes and wild foods.”

He acknowledged that his contribution is a “drop in the ocean,” but emphasised it was meant to supplement the government’s efforts.

He sees his donation as a crucial step towards a more prosperous future for Chipangali.

Lubusha recognised the government’s role in addressing the crisis, stating, “We must appreciate government. They are on board to help with the situation. The government has allocated us with more than 20,000 bags of white maize as relief food.”

“We believe that a well-fed Chipangali will translate to sustainable social and economic development,” he said.

The hunger crisis stems from last year’s failed farming season, marked by two devastating dry spells.

However, Lubusha expresses hope for the future.

“This year, the season seems very good. We received inputs on time. The rains are okay. The fields are doing very well. We hope it will continue like this,” he concluded.

Kalemba January 26, 2024


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