Kanchibiya emerges as development hub under Sunday Chanda’s leadership


IN just two years, Kanchibiya District in Muchinga Province, a relatively new and previously disadvantaged constituency has experienced unprecedented development.

The Member of Parliament, Sunday Chanda, attributes this progress to a dedicated focus on developmental politics as he strives to bring essential services closer to the people.

Chanda envisions a transformative period for Kanchibiya from 2021 to 2026, marking a significant shift in the district’s landscape.

Since assuming office in 2021, Chanda spearheaded development in health, education, agriculture, roads, and technology.

During a recent tour accompanied by ministers overseeing Technology and Science, Water Development and Sanitation, and Education, Chanda reaffirmed his commitment to leveraging the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for further development.

The PF lawmaker particularly highlighted plans to enhance the road system, along with the establishment of a new clinic and an expanded primary school.

A standout project funded by the CDF is the newly built Agricultural Balcony Center, providing a centralized platform for farmers to trade their diverse crops.

Chanda expressed gratitude for the increased CDF allocation, emphasizing its immense impact on Kanchibiya’s development.

“As you know, we are a new district, we became a district in 2017, but now, if you go in Chalabesa, you will see that our CBD is taking shape, principally because of the support we have received through CDF.”

“We have infrusture we never imagined we would have within this short space of time, and we still have a long a long way to go in terms of bringing these services closer to the people,” added Chanda.

Chanda expressed his dedication to ensuring that all 10 wards in his constituency benefit from the CDF, emphasizing the success of these projects through effective coordination between the council and his office.

Appreciating President Hakainde Hichilema for the increased CDF allocation and favourable consideration for capital projects, Chanda emphasized the people’s readiness for development.

He underlined that their focus is on redefining politics to prioritize development and bring services closer to the people.

According to the 2023 CDF utilization list, Kanchibiya Constituency achieved a commendable 68% score.

Chanda aims to further increase this rating by the end of the year.

With the government’s increased CDF allocation from K28.3 million to K30.6 million for the current year, the full disbursement to the constituency has already been completed.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 24, 2024


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