Driven student cooks her way to graduation despite debt


CAREEN Samatemba, a final-year economics student at the University of Zambia, faces a daunting obstacle: a K13,896 debt that threatens to withhold her degree.

Undeterred, she’s taken to the streets, not to protest, but to peddle pre-cooked beans – her weapon of choice in a fight for graduation.

With each K15 pack of beans sold, Samatemba inches closer to clearing her dues.

Sleepless nights spent studying now fuel her entrepreneurial spirit as she juggles academics and her bean business.

Simatemba wrote on Facebook: “I believe you know just what it takes to have sleepless nights to get a clear pass. I am determined and set to raise my tuition fee through my Pre-Cooked beans business.”

Her story resonates with fellow students facing similar financial struggles. “Dear fellow student,” she writes, “I can share in your pain…but I want you to know and believe that the God that began the good works will surely complete them.”

The community has rallied behind her, chipping away at her debt. As of today, K3,946 remains, a testament to the power of collective support and Samatemba’s unwavering determination.

Will Careen graduate in her gown, the culmination of years of toil and sacrifice? The answer lies in each K15 bean purchase, a symbol of hope simmering in a pot, ready to nourish not just bodies, but also dreams.

So, the next time you crave a hearty, home-cooked meal, consider supporting Careen’s bean venture.

You might just be savoring more than just deliciousness; you could be savoring the taste of a dream coming true.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 24, 2024


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