Kitwe man punches hungry crocodile that wanted to eat him


A 24-year-old man of Zambia Township in Mwaiseni, Kitwe, has narrated how he used fists to free himself from a crocodile on Sunday.

Kaoma Chungu said from his bed in Kitwe Teaching Hospital yesterday that he had to “think fast” by punching the crocodile’s eyes for it to free him from its powerful deadly jaws.

Mr Chungu was walking home with his friend on Sunday afternoon when they reached a makeshift bridge which is now flooded because of rains.

“As I was walking, I just felt something on my leg, but I quickly moved away but slipped in the process,” he said.

“When I slipped, I just felt something holding my right arm and when I looked, it was a crocodile.”

Mr Chungu said he realised that he had to fight the reptile to survive the attack by hitting it with fists in the eyes.

He said his colleague ran to a nearby place to get sticks and stones to hit the reptile.

“I think after it felt blinded in the eye, it let go of me,” he said.

Mr Chungu said he waited for some time before crossing the bridge for fear that the crocodile would strike again. He said his friend organised transport and rushed him to the hospital, where he is admitted.

And hospital consultant general surgeon Webster Mulenga said the health facility received Mr Chungu around 13:00 hours on Sunday. Dr Mulenga said the patient was bitten by a crocodile on his right arm and was bleeding profusely.
“So, we resuscitated him, stopped the bleeding and stabilised him,” he said.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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