Kabwe michopo seller serves customers with barking goat


SHOCK and anger has swept through Kabwe after keen-eyed michopo lovers in the bustling Makululu Compound discovered that the meat delicacy they were consuming from a local butcher was a barking ‘goat’.

Lason Mulenga, a 34-year-old man, got caught selling dog meat disguised as goat meat last Friday.

Alerted by customers who sensed something off, people discovered the truth when they insisted on inspecting the whole carcass.

Shockingly the people’s questions where answered after confirming that the four legged meat discovered was not one that communicated by meee!! but one of those compound pets that scram after a fusek! – usually named Bingo.

With the help of local community crime prevention, people unveiled trotters that were supposed to be those of a goat turned out to be the unmistakable paws of a dog found in Larson’s possession.

And the head of the carcass sealed the burden of proof from the local community-turned investigators.

Confirming the deception, Milner Mwanakampwe, the Central Province permanent secretary, stated that laboratory tests proved the meat was indeed from a dog.

Mwanakampwe condemned such illegal practices and urged the public to report suspicious activities as “we now have unscrupulous citizens that are able to sell what we don’t ordinarily eat as citizens of Zambia.”

Lason now faces charges of animal cruelty and fraud and is expected to appear before the court soon.

CAPTION: File photo for illustration

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 23, 2024


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