Ibex residents report maggot-breeding neighbour to government


MEANWOOD Ibex residents in Lusaka have written to the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, complaining about the foul stench emanating from one of their neighbours, who is said to keeping carcasses of dogs to harvest maggots.

With the vibrio bacteria on loose killing hundreds and infecting many others, the residents feel their neighbour Jibodu Babatunde Olukayode, a British national will put their health in jeopardy.

Olukayode was arrested on January 18 last year for killing the dogs and then harvesting maggots using their carcasses.

He was subsequently released on police bond. Since his release, residents claim he has resumed his activities despite facing charges.

According to the letter, Olukayode has “not only continued his activities,” but has also begun keeping chickens, causing a disturbance at night.

Residents report a foul odour emanating from his house, further heightening their concerns.

“Attempts to address the issue directly with Olukayode have proven unsuccessful,” the letter states.

He reportedly dismissed their concerns, claiming they should have approached him first before involving the authorities.

Adding to their anxieties, residents point out that no court date for Olukayode’s case has been reported in the press, raising questions about the status of his police bond.

Frustrated by their limited options, concerned citizens have resorted to seeking the Minister’s intervention.

They have already contacted the neighborhood police post and the Chongwe District Council’s public health department, but both entities claim they are unable to intervene in a matter before the courts.

“Our concern is genuine and not out of malice,” the letter emphasised. “Flies come to our homes, and the cholera pandemic and other diseases will soon affect us.”

Residents argue that the potential health risks justify intervention despite the ongoing legal proceedings.

They pleaded with the Minister to handle the matter swiftly, highlighting the potential strain a health crisis could place on both government resources and individual families.

CAPTION: Olukayode left (holding red sweatshirt) with his lawyers at Central Police Station after release on police bond last year.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 23, 2024


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