Law prohibiting sell of mining licence to foreigner underway – Hichilema


EMPHASIZING Government’s commitment to empower Zambians with ownership of mines, President Hakainde Hichilema declared that a new law will be introduced to halt the selling of mining licenses to foreigners.

Addressing the Quarterly meeting of Senior Management in the Public Service in Lusaka today, President Hichilema outlined the government’s intentions was to empower Zambians with licences to own mines.

“Now we are going to change the law that you can’t sell your license to a foreigner, if you want to sell your license as a Zambian then sell it to to another Zambian,” he said.

“Because when a Zambian has a share holding and has money that has been made they will reinvest some of the the money, profits here and there will be economic expansion.”

He added that one can either partner with Government or sell find a Zambian partner rather than selling their licence for meager amounts equivalent to a vehicle.

President Hichilema also indicated that another law would be introduced to address the sluggish public procurement process and corruption associated with tenders.

Furthermore, the president discussed the allocation of resources, revealing that 42% of the budget goes to personal emoluments calling for a realignment to prioritize spending on the public.

He encouraged the controlling officers to work together to lower costs and improve procurement processes, emphasizing the potential for savings to be redirected into growth opportunities.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema addressed the call by some citizens in Western Province to separate from Zambia under the Barotse Agreement.

President Hichilema urged Western Province Permanent Secretary Simomo Akapelwa to clarify to the residents in his region that there is no Barotseland, reiterating that Zambia is a unitary state.

“PS Akapelwa you don’t have a country called Western Province (or) Barotseland. There is nothing like that, it is a unitary state,” President Hichilema emphasised. “We are one Zambia, one nation, one people…”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 18, 2023


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