Police confirm shooting of ex minister, Shikapwasha


Former minister of Home Affairs and ex ZAF Commander Lt General Ronnie Shikapwasha is battling for his life in hospital after being shot at his Ibex home in Lusaka last evening.

Circumstances of Gen Shikapwasha’s shooting are not yet clear although rumours suggest he was shot by his spouse.

Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the shooting through a statement, revealing that the law enforcers are investigating the matter to establish the facts of what transpired.

Hamoonga called for the public to allow the smooth flow of investigations without speculations or conclusions.

“The Police understand the significance of this incident and the public’s interest in obtaining accurate information. However, it is essential to allow the investigation to proceed without speculation or premature conclusions,” Hamoonga stated.

Hamoonga said the police will provide updates as the investigation progresses and will strive to maintain open communication with the public.

Kalemba January 15, 2024


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