Choma father, son gets 50 years for defiling minor


A FATHER and son in Livingstone has traded 50 years of their freedom for five minutes of abominable pleasure after they failed to keep their pants closed and exchanged in defiling a 13 year old.

The Livingstone High Court sentenced Joseph Bwalya aged 55 to 30 years for defiling his stepdaughter while his son, Ben, was slapped with 20 years for the same offence on his step sibling.

And like the old adage says “you reap what you sow,” Bwalya and Ben’s sentences was coupled with hard labour – Probably, they will learn to plant good seeds in the Zambia Correctional Services fields while upgrading their fashion wardrobe to the infamous orange uniform.

The verdict was delivered on Friday.

In a statement Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Bwalya and Ben both of Macha Road, Choma, were found guilty of defilement, which involved the abuse and exploitation of a minor aged 13.

“The court, led by Judge Catherine Lombe Phiri carefully considered the evidence presented by the prosecution and, after a fair trial, rendered a judgment which reflects the gravity of the crime committed,” said Hamoonga.

Last year, the Choma Magistrates’ Court found Bwalya and his son, Ben, guilty of defilement and committed them to the High Court for sentencing as the state proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

According to reports, Bwalya, molested his stepdaughter on dates unknown but between December, 2022 and January 2023.

And on unknown dates in July, 2022, Ben followed the father’s footsteps in defiling the minor.

“We commend all police officers, legal professionals, and support staff involved in the investigation and prosecution of this case for their dedication and diligence,” Hamoonga added

“Their unwavering commitment to justice has resulted in a successful conviction, sending a clear message that such reprehensible actions will not be tolerated within our society.”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 14, 2024


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