ZNS moves to supply Eastern Province with affordable mealie meal


EASTERN Province has set up a food security taskforce that will oversee the supply of affordable mealie-meal in the region amidst surge in prices.

And Zambia National Service has partnered with Rainbow Milling to start providing affordable mealie meal in Chipata District.

Chipata District Commissioner Elida Banda disclosed that Shoprite, Choppies, Spar and other outlets were chosen as takes force to sell affordable mealie meal.

Banda told ZANIS that the initiative is in a bid to lower skyrocketing mealie meal prices in the district which have hindered communities from accessing meali-meal at a lower cost.

She believed the ZNS and Rainbow Milling collaboration will see government increase the supply of the local staple in the district and eventually the province.

According to a press release today, ZNS chief of marketing and public relations, colonel Mable Mulenga said Rainbow Milling Plant has a milling capacity of 120 tonnes per day, “translating into daily production output of 4000 x 25 kilogram bags of mealie meal.”

This means that will be a steady supply of affordable mealie meal in the region.

Meanwhile Banda warned against the resell of meali-meal that will be provided as it will attract consequences with the law.

She cited the resell of meali-meal to be one of the reasons the commodity was insufficient and expensive.

“And this mealie meal for ZNS (Eagle mealie meal) will be going at K230, this mealie meal is not for resale, whoever buys it and intends to go and resell it, the law will visit them,” added Banda.

The District Commissioner stated that ZNS has positioned itself to produce not less than 2000 bags of mealie per day.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 12, 2024


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