RTA claims 4 lives, injures 16 in Kapiri Mposhi


POLICE in Central Province have confirmed the death of four people in a fatal road accident that has left 16 others injured on the Great North Road in the Green Leaf area, Kapiri Mposhi.

According to Charity Munganga, the
Central Province Police Commissioner, the accident occurred yesterday around 11:00 hours.

The collision occurred when a Mitsubishi Rosa minibus driver Chinjaja Mbamvu aged 44 attempted an improper overtaking maneuver, resulting in a head-on collision with the Howo truck.

Mbavu was coming from Kapisha Township, Chingola with 18 passengers on board his bus.

Kennedy Banda, 37, from Kabanana Compound, Lusaka, was driving a Howo truck and trailer registered as a property of Ustad Tracking of Lusaka, from Kabwe into Kapiri.

Tragically, the bus driver and two unidentified male passengers lost their lives on the spot, while a fourth male passenger succumbed to injuries upon arrival at Kabwe Central Hospital.

The truck driver is among the injured.

The deceased individuals are currently at Kapiri District and Kabwe Central Hospitals.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 12, 2023


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