East PF cadres disfigure colleagues as battle for party goes physical


East PF cadres disfigure colleagues as battle for party goes physical

VOCAL PF cadres Chama America and Ground of the “Ukutusa Imbindi” fame have been left looking like they had a nasty encounter with a swarm of forecious bees following a beating they received for supporting Miles Sampa over former president Edgar Lungu in the ongoing battle for the control of the former ruling party.

The duo known for their boisterous support for Sampa as PF president unknowingly delivered themselves to supporters of the Edgar Lungu-led group as they traveled to Lundazi on personal errands.

What was a peaceful journey for Chama and Ground soon turned into a painful experience of tears, mucus and blood after they were spotted by members of the rival camp who have been itching to utilise their violent skills but haven’t had a chance since the coming of the New Dawn government.

Victor Kapungwe nicknamed Ground and Justine Chama aka Chama America were spotted by their rival faction counterparts led by Rizwani Patel in Petauke this morning.

Patel, a party youth leader loyal to Lungu in that region together with eight others are said to have forcibly plucked Kapungwe and Chama out of the bus they were traveling in and bundled them like bags of beans onto a white salon car with registration number ABH 7232 and drove them away.

The duo were later quizzed like naughty school children as witnessed in videos that were circulating on social media.

Slaps, kicks were utilised in an order to make sure Ground FBI’s body was in sync with laws of gravity as they lay the two down.

Like water in a torn container, Kapungwe started spilling the beans and answering questions which were accompanied by kicks and slaps.

After exhausting their energy with questions, the suspects rebooted and Kapungwe was turned into a free for all punching bag as he pleaded for mercy.

Later they turned to Chama, leaving the two with painful memories and injuries.

Thankfully, police were able to locate the victims in Petauke’s Anusa compound and provided them with medical reports to enable them get attention at the Petauke District Hospital.

In a statement, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said they have launched a man hunt for nine suspects, including Patel, following the brutal robbery at the Petauke bus stop.

“The suspects robbed him (Kapungwe) of K5,600 and an Itel Phone valued at K240. The victim sustained a swollen left eye and painful left leg and Justine Chama aged 39 of New Kasama in Lusaka‚Ķsustained painful left ribs and general body pains,” disclosed Hamoonga.

Hamoonga however said the duo has since been discharged and is recovering from the ordeal.

He disclosed that the victims were robbed of K5,600 in cash and an (Itel press me hard) phone valued at K240.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 12, 2024


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