Deborah plans mega gospel concert


HAVE you ever heard of a music concert where you name your own price? Well it’s not far fetched as gospel artiste, Deborah Mambo brings you the Worship Resound where you can definitely peg your own price.

In a recent interview with Kalemba, the acclaimed gospel artist known for singles like Mwanjimya, and Nshamitwishike shared insights into her much-anticipated event.

“Worship Resound is a Gospel music Concert that aims to bring people together in corporate worship and experience God’s presence. Our desire is for us to have an Encounter with God through the music ministry that will be presented by various artists lined up for the event,” shared Deborah, emphasizing the spiritual journey attendees can anticipate.

It is slated to captivate audiences at the Mulungushi Conference Center on February 3, 2024.

“Name your price means people are free to buy the tickets at their preferred price. We decided to do it that way so we can have people with different financial capacities. We want to accommodate as many people as possible from all walks of life. Our focus is not profit-making but to gather people to Worship the King,” Deborah told Kalemba.

She said Worship Resound was birthed in the midst of hardships and moral degradation and wants to direct people to Jesus using the event.

“It came from a place of having a desire to raise a sound of worship corporately, to raise an altar of worship to the King of kings,” added Deborah.

The event promises more than a typical concert, as Mambo described,”It will be a place where people meet the King of kings. We are looking forward to seeing people getting healed, delivered, receiving salvation,”

As the event draws near, the Mulungushi Conference Center is poised to host the event from 15 to 20:00 hours with other great artistes such as Leo Kukungu, Washy Mutambo, Gift Kaputula, Temwani among others.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 12, 2023


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