ZMA initiates 2024 verification of measuring instruments in petroleum sector


TO ensure fairness, consumer protection, and industry compliance, the Zambia Metrology Agency (ZMA) has initiated the 2024 verification exercise for measuring instruments in the petroleum sub-sector.

According to a statement by Mweemba Nchimunya, the ZMA senior public relations officer Metrologists at the institution will scrutinize instruments at both public and private fuel depots nationwide.

Nchimunya explained this as a process crucial for maintaining fair trade practices.

The virtual launch, chaired by ZMA’s Director of Legal Metrology, Dr Michael Kalumbu Nsefu, convened key stakeholders, including Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and Service Technician Companies, on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Dr Nsefu emphasised the agency’s role in supporting the petroleum product distribution chain by conducting statutory verifications every six months on pumps and bulk flow meters.

He urged all participants in the petroleum sector to submit their measuring instruments for verification this month to avoid regulatory consequences.

Dr Nsefu also encouraged the public to verify the ZMA stickers on fuel pumps, ensuring transparency and value for money.

Additionally, ZMA cautioned against the use of unauthorized measurement methods during petroleum product offloading, such as weigh bridges and dip charts in storage tanks.

The agency stressed the importance of approved methods, including Bulk flow meters, Ullage marks, and Dip charts on Tanker trucks.

Kalemba January 11, 2021


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