Pharmanova donates Chlorine worth K3 million to fight Cholera


As a contribution towards the fight against Cholera, Pharmanova Zambia Limited has donated Chlorine worth a staggering K3 million to the Ministry of Health.

Pharmanova Zambia Limited Chief Executive, Mohammed Umar handed over the Chlorine to health minister Sylvia Masebo at the ministry headquarters in Lusaka this morning.

This substantial contribution underscores the company’s dedication to promoting public health and emphasizes the importance of prevention as a key strategy in combating cholera outbreaks.

Moreover, in collaboration with New Horizon Printing Press, Pharmanova Zambia Limited will distribute 1000 educational posters to clinics across Zambia. These informative materials seek to raise awareness about the effective utilization of Chlorine in households, intending to empower communities with knowledge that can save lives.

During the handover, CEO Mohammed Umar emphasized, ‘For us, saving lives goes beyond business objectives—it defines our very being. As a proudly Zambian company, we hold a profound responsibility to swiftly and meaningfully support our community.

Recognizing our role as conscientious corporate citizens, we stand united with the people of Zambia, addressing our nation’s challenges as a singular, unwavering force”.

Meanwhile Masebo thanked Pharmanova for their invaluable support, emphasizing the need for all stakeholders to unite as one community of Zambians to bolster mutual support, in the fight against cholera.

Furthermore, Masebo congratulated Pharmanova and New Horizon for their efforts in developing educational materials.

These resources aim to enhance public understanding of the proper use of chlorine, specifically for the prevention of Cholera.

This collaborative initiative underscores the importance of collective action and public awareness in effectively addressing health challenges.

This initiative stands as a testament to Pharmanova Zambia Limited’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of the Zambian populace and its pledge to stand in solidarity with the government and the Ministry of Health during this challenging period.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 11, 2024


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