Lusaka Magistrate Court staff raise hygiene concerns at the premises


JUDICIAL staff at the Lusaka Magistrate Court Complex are calling on Chief Justice Mumba Malila to address the alarming hygiene conditions amidst the Cholera outbreak.

In a letter written to Kalemba, the workers have disclosed that there hasn’t been running water in the toilets for over six months at the premises.

They expressed concern as the country grapples with the cholera epidemic.

“The limited functioning toilets lack proper cleaning supplies, and employees are required to bring their own handwash,” they added in the letter.

Complaints to superiors have allegedly yielded no action.

The staff complained that there was only one working toilet per gender with unhygienic conditions posing a health risk, especially considering the recent Cholera outbreak.

“Now with this Cholera how do we survive? We have complained to the bosses but nothing is being done. Hope with this the Chief justice can also be aware of what’s really happening on the ground because there is a lot happening in the institution,” the judicial workers said.

They appealed to the chief justice to shut down the complex until hygiene improves or to implement stringent quality controls.

Kalemba January 11, ,2023


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