Government engages artists in anti-cholera sensitisation drive


WITH close to 300 lives lost to Cholera since its outbreak last October, government has turned to artists in a sensitisation drive to slow down the spread of the diarrhoeal disease which has very little regard for human sphincter muscles.

Through drama, music and poetry in public community places such as markets, the government through the Ministry of
Ministry of Youth Sport and Arts in collaboration with its sister Ministry of Health hope to engage and empower communities by adding a compelling voice to the dangers of cholera and emphasizing on the preventive measures.

Soulful and melodious songtress, Wezi is leading the ensemble of artistes in lending their talents to fight against Cholera.

So far, the group has made stopovers in Lusaka’s Kabanana and Chazanga compounds and are today expected for similar engagements in Chipata and Mazyopa compounds.

The campaign which was launched last Saturday is providing a unique opportunity to reach diverse communities and ensure broad participation.

In launching the programme, Permanent Secretary- Arts, Fumba Chuma otherwise known Pilato stated that the collaboration with the Ministry of Health highlighted government’s commitment to leveraging the arts for social impact.

“By mainstreaming community theatre activities at the grassroot level, we aim to amplify the urgency of cholera prevention, as this epidemic has tragically claimed many lives, said Pilato.

The community theatre performances represent a critical step in raising awareness about the cholera epidemic and mobilizing communities towards preventive action.

The Ministry of Youth Sport and Arts urged community members, media representatives, and stakeholders to participate and support these events.

Cholera broke out last October and has spread to 40 districts countrywide.

As of yesterday, the national death stood at 292.

President Hakainde Hichilema visited the national Heroes Stadium in Lusaka yesterday where hundreds of Cholera-hit patients are being treated.

The Head of State encouraged concerted efforts in the battle against Cholera and urged citizens to seek quick professional assistance once the noticed Cholera symptoms.

Story by Buumba Mwitumwa and pictures by Jawadu Sumaili

Kalemba January 11, 2024.


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