Wife calls husband two hours before dying to say “I Love You”


PASTOR Likezo Mundia, the husband to Buchinga Shangala Mundia, an SDA shepherdess who died a week after giving birth revealed during his tribute that his late wife called him two hours before passing to say “I love you”.

Yesterday, grief, sorrow and despair enveloped the nation as the Seventh Day Adventist Church bid a heartfelt farewell to Shepherdess Mundia at a moving mass Church Funeral at Bread of Life Church in Lusaka.

Shepherdess Mundia, died in the early hours of Friday at the age of 28, in unconfirmed circumstances, exactly a week after giving birth.

Originally planned for Emmasdale SDA Church, the service moved to the Blessings Centre to accommodate the large number of mourners, highlighting the profound impact left by Shepherdess Mundia.

Bread of Life Church generously hosted the service, uniting mourners from various places in shared sorrow.

The widower, Pastor Likezi Mundia could barely stand but muscled up courage to send his beloved with emotional tribute.

“Till then I will keep the faith,” were the words from pastor Likezo that resonated with the congregation sending the atmosphere into a much more somber mood.

He shared that his late wife, Shepherdess Mundia, expressed her love for him just two hours before her untimely death.

Pastor Likezo added that she died with love for him in her heart, as she called him 2 hours before her death to confess her love for him.

He further described his late wife as cheerful, kindhearted, spiritual, and intelligent.

Shepherdess Mundia completed her education at Mkushi High School and Mulungushi University, serving as a Young Dorcas Mother in the district.

Survived by her husband, newborn, and grieving family and church, Shepherdess Mundia’s legacy has left a lasting impression and an example of a life well lived.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 9, 2023


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