Lusaka Mayor gives greenlight for PF faction to clean CBD


THE Lusaka City Mayor Chilando Chitangala has greenlit the involvement of the Lungu led Patriotic Front (PF) faction led in the extensive cleanup operations targeting the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD).

The decision comes in response to the urgent need to curb a severe cholera outbreak that has already claimed the lives of over 200 Zambians since the outbreak in October last year.

Lusaka is the most affected, with majority of the cases and deaths being recorded in the capital city

The faction secretary general, Raphael Nakacinda, had initially extended an offer on December 30 2023, pledging the party’s assistance in the sanitation efforts.

However, the Acting Town Clerk, Liftery Ndaba, rebuffed the proposal, asserting that Nakacinda lacked the proper Party representation as he was not recognised as party SG in the records at the Registrar of Societies.

Following a subsequent appeal by Nakacinda to Mayor Chitangala and the Lusaka City Council, the offer was accepted.

In a official response Mayor Chitangala emphasized in later dated January 5, the necessity of a collaborative, multi-sectoral approach to combat the cholera outbreak, acknowledging that all stakeholders must contribute to the cause.

“I commend you for your offer to partner with us in our efforts to realize a clean and healthy city,” Chitangala stated, highlighting the gravity of the cholera crisis and the demand for collective action.

Furthermore, Chitangala emphasized that the Patriotic Front’s request met all official criteria outlined by the Council’s strategy and Local Government regulations, allowing for the acceptance of donations, both material and financial.

The Mayor has directed the Acting Town Clerk to engage with Mr. Nakacinda and their respective teams to coordinate and plan the collaborative cleanup activity.

Kalemba January 9, 2023


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