Namibia arrests 2 Zambian truck drivers for raping transgender


TWO Zambian truck drivers are this morning expected to appear in a Namibian court accused of raping and assaulting a transgender in that country

They face a charge of attempted murder.

According to a report by the Namibian Sun, the two truck drivers decided to take some time off work to treat their throats to some intoxicating Namibian beers at Walvis Bay.

To spice their outing, they invited a woman whom they asked to find a colleague to join them with a plans of concluding the weekend with pleasures of the flesh.

However, to the men’s utter shock, after spending several Namibian dollars on the women, they found that one of them had both a male and female organ.

Having already spent money, the two men angry men proceeded to rape the transgender and before beating him for not having been declared his assets before eating their money.

The victim was found laying unconscious on the ground at the scene of the assault with used condoms around him.

Police in Erongo Region confirmed the incident, saying the assailants have been charged with attempted murder.

The Two men are expected to appear in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court this morning.

Kalemba January 8, 2023


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